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About Us

Welcome to Little Wild & Green!

Little Wild & Green was born out of the desire to create and share handmade, natural and zero-waste products for babies, kids and parents. Our mission is to help foster a planet-conscious mindset in children from a young age and to enable mums and dads to choose products that are closer to nature and better for their families and our planet.

We believe that consciously making these more eco-friendly product choices will enable kids to learn and understand the importance of looking after our planet and this will help to raise a future generation of little greenies.

Raising two little wild boys ourselves, Jude & Leon, and being an eco-conscious family ourselves, we know firsthand how important it is to find effective and durable products for your children that are eco-friendly, safe and free of any nasties. 

We hope that you enjoy the products that we bring to you and that they will inspire you and your family to make more eco-friendly choices wherever you can. 

Love, Sophie & fam

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