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Christmas Nature Play Mix

Our brand new Christmas themed Nature Play Mix is here!

It contains a wonderful mix of natural materials, such as dried orange, dried flowers, biodegradable glitter and star anise that look and smell like Christmas!

Use this to make:

- Christmas themed potions (the hibiscus flowers will colour your potions a beautiful crimson colour!)

- Make Christmas ice bowls (add fizzy potion powder to make it extra special!)

- Use the mix in play dough (tip: the star anise pieces can be used as natural stampers!)

- Make reindeer food to spread across the lawn on Christmas Eve! All you need to add is oats, seeds and a magic wish!

- Make gift cards and tags for loved ones. You can use the flower petals and glitter for crafting projects with a lovely natural touch 

The mix (25g) comes in a compostable kraft box. Not for children under 3 years old. Please supervision children during play. Not for consumption.

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