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Natural Eco Paints - Starter Set

 Natural Eco Paints are a game changer - they are plant-derived paint powders that come to life when you add water and can be mixed to match your application, a poster paint for brushing and stamping, a watercolour or a finger paint. 

The colours are derived from 100% plant-based materials, eg roots, flowers, seeds.

In the starter set, you will find the three primary colours in powder form (ie. red, blue and yellow). Each other colour can be mixed from these and a colour mixing guide is included.

This starter set is great for anyone who hasn't yet tried Natural Eco Paint Powders and would like to experiment with these eco-friendly paints, before committing to the bigger 8-colour set.

The Natural Eco Paints are super versatile and can also be used to colour homemade sensory bases: playdough, potions, slime, oobleck and sensory rice. Further, the paints are one of the most ecofriendly on the market - the paint and the containers are home compostable and the paint completely non-toxic and waterway safe.

Kit contains: 3 x 50g plant-based powdered paints and a custom designed vegan bristle birch paint brush.

Adult supervision is required.  Kit is not suitable for 0-3 years due to small parts in packaging - Natural Eco Paints are safe for children under 3 years and conform to safety standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.1, 8124.3 and 8124.7 (finger paint).

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