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Natural Playdough

Our very own handmade, natural & non-toxic play dough is here!

Unlike other play doughs on the market, our play dough is coloured and scented with nature, not synthetic chemicals! We don't use food colouring or fragrances in our play dough - ever!

Our natural play dough comes in three botanical varieties:

- Camomille

- Lavender 

- Rose 

Play dough is a fantastic activity for little ones! Some of its benefits include:

- Strengthening little fingers and hands, perfect for pre-schoolers developing their drawing and writing skills

- It is calming! The simple actions of kneading the dough, taking in the sensory properties and mindfully creating with the dough can be calming for little ones (and their carers!)

- Sparking creativity and imagination

- It is versatile! You can cater to any of your child's current interests, by changing up the theme, colours and resources of your play dough set up (eg garden, space, dinosaurs)

- Engaging with natural materials (we love pairing playdough with other natural resources, such as flowers, shells, rocks, sticks, gumnuts, leaves etc)

-  It is re-usable and durable. If you look after your play dough, it will last several play sessions

- It is earth-friendly! If you keep your add on materials natural, you will be able to return your child's play dough creations back to the earth via composting once they are no longer played with

Our play dough comes in 200g reusable glass jars with a metal lid.

Please note: Our play dough is suggested for children 3+. Always use under adult supervision. Although it is non-toxic, our play dough is not suitable for consumption.

In order to keep our play dough fresh, please store it in its airtight container in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight or in the fridge during warmer days. It is intended to stay fresh for at least 4-6 weeks after purchase, but please check it thoroughly before giving it to children. 

Our playdough is made fresh to order in small batches. Please allow up to three days for your order to ship.

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