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Floral Ice Cubes

Floral Ice Cubes

This one is great for warmer days!

Make coloured ice cubes together and, once frozen, use them to 'paint' with on a white surface (try a tub like we did or just a white tray or plate will also do). Once they melt, you can add more water to them to create a water play opportunity.

To make the ice cubes you need:

- Botanical Colour Powders in Blue and Red from our Nature Craft Kit

- Dried or Fresh Flower Petals

- Biodegradable Glitter 

- 2 Jugs of water

First, tint both water jugs with the colours, one red, the other blue (you only need a pinch of the powder). Then arrange glitter and flowers in your ice cube trays. Fill up with the coloured waters and freeze - EASY!

Once frozen, pop them out of the tray and let the fun begin :) 

Note that the colours could lightly stain hands and surfaces, so please be mindful of this. We find this sort of activity is most fun when we do it outside on the deck or grass where splashes don't matter. Also, although natural, please remind kids not to put the ice cubes in their mouths and keep away from pets. 

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