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Magic Potion Fizzy Powder

Magic Potion Fizzy Powder

Magic potions are one of my boys' favourite nature play activities! There is just something so special about mixing all the ingredients, smelling the scent of the beautiful florals, adding sparkly glitter and then seeing it all fizz up when you add water!

The cornflour in this recipe is optional, but it does help to prolong the fizz (= fun), so definitely go ahead and add some in if you have it available. Also feel free to add essential oils if you and your kids like them, e.g. a calming lavender essential oil in a blue potion with lavender and rose petals or add invigorating lemon/grapefruit essential oil to a pink potion with calendula and cornflower petals.

For this activity, I suggest you lay out all the ingredients, including measuring cups and stirring spoons and then let the kids mix together their own potions in different colours and with different florals etc. If you have a variety of bowls, so they can scoop and divide the mixtures, it's even more fun. They can then slowly add the water and watch what happens.
Their imaginations can roam free here - why not think about a spell to invite happiness, love or bravery? 




1/2 Cup Bicarbonate Soda

1/4 Cup Citric Acid

1/4 Cup Cornflour

Pinch of Botanical Colour Powder in Blue or Red (or both)

Biodegradable Glitter

Dried Flower Petals

Crystal Chips


Essential oils (optional)


Mix the bicarb soda, citric acid, cornflour and colour powder until combined. Stir through dried flower petals, glitter, essential oils and crystal chips to your liking. Slowly add water and invite the kids to experience it with all their senses.


Note: Although citric acid is a natural and non-toxic ingredient, please remind kids not to consume any parts of the powder or the potions. This is suitable for kids 5 years or older.



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Hi Mandana, thanks for your comment! You can also use arrowroot powder or rice flour instead of the cornflour (same quantities) or you can omit it altogether and the quantities of the bicarb and citric acid remain the same. Our nature craft kit comes with two botanical colour powders (red and blue), both non-toxic and derived from plants :)
Hope this helps, Sophie



Thank you for making the magic potion fizzy powder post. Do you happen to know if there is an ingredient besides cornflour that I can use to prolong the fizz to the potion? Also, if I don’t use the cornflour, do the measurements to the baking soda and citric acid change? Lastly, where is a good place to purchase non toxic botanical color powder?

I love your wooden spoons! I may purchase some for my student!

Thanks so much!


Hi Kate!
Thanks! It’s so worth a try!
I usually prefer to put the ingredients together fresh each time, but you could probably mix together the bicarb and the citric acid and keep that in a container, adding any colours, essential oils, glitter and flower petals when you are ready to do the activity. You’d just want to keep any moisture away from the citric acid, so it doesn’t harden in the container. Enjoy!


Hi, I’m keen to try this out – looks really cool! How long do you think the sensory fizz powder would last in a container?

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