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Magic Wands

Magic Wands

Make magic for lots of fun imaginative play!

What you need:

- recycled cardboard (e.g. from a cereal package)

- star-shaped cookie cutter

- glue

- string in different colours

- paper straw

- biodegradable glitter

- dried flower petals

Simply, trace and cut out the stars on two pieces of cardboard paper. Then glue the pieces together, with a straw placed in between the back and front to secure it. Tie the string to the straw.

Time to decorate! The easiest way for us to do this was to cover the front side of the star with glue, and then add the dried flower petals, sprinkling the glitter into the gaps. You could also add crystals, if your preferred glue is strong enough. Feel free to decorate the backside of the star as well, but this is optional.



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